Prague, 30.11-01.12.2000.

Warsaw, 27-28.06.2001.

Closing Session Visegrad, 18.10.2001.

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Conclusions and Recommendations

1. Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Jerzy Plewa, Director of Research Department at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Eugeniusz Chy³ek and Director of Central Agricultural Library Krystyna Kocznorowska opened the Second Workshop of AgroWeb Partnership in the V4 Countries. The V4 Initiative was presented to the participants and has been considered as an important initiative in the process of European integration and the facilitation of the flow and the exchange of agriculture related information.

2. During the meeting, participants from the V4 countries coordinated their actions and introduced further common standards to National AgroWeb pages to improve the quality of services provided and the communication between the participating countries through AgroWeb CEE Network.

3. The above mentioned decisions concerning national AgroWeb pages will be implemented next by Lithuanian and Belorussian AgroWeb, as AgroWeb authors from the two countries particiapted the event as observers.

4. The workshop participants entrusted Hungarian and Slovak delegates, Mr Laszlo Papocsi and Mr Marcel Kovac, with the task of creating the CD ROM and Polish and Czech representatives, Ms Zdenka Silhova and Ms Elzbieta Dziuk-Renik, with the job of preparing the brochure, which media are to introduce the AgroWeb Network. Lithuanian and Belorussian observers will give the necessary feedback to the process of creating the CD ROM and the brochure. The CD ROM and the booklet are to be ready for dissemination by September 30, 2001. Each V4 member will get 200 copies, the FAO SEUR will receive 150 copies and the International Visegrad Fund will get 50 copies of each publications. All of those will be disseminated. Participants have discussed also other forms of promotion of AgroWeb Network and National AgroWeb pages within each country.

5. All the partcipants of the Workshop II were invited to take part in the next workshop to be held in Zagreb.

6. Members of the V4 Initiative expressed their willingness to present the results of the project in other regions of Central and Eastern Europe such as the Baltic, the Balkan and the Caucasus regions as a potential solution for them for agricultural information management.

7. The results of the V4 Initiative are to be presented during the COAIM 2002 in Rome as possible model for development of information and communication systems for other countries or regions.

8. The V4 group has suggested to publish all the National AgroWeb pages on one common server and to develop it a database oriented system. The database can be tested on the server in GAK Kht, Godollo, Hungary, and will be presented to other AgroWeb Network members at the next AW CEE meeting in Zagreb.

9. Participants from V4 countries coordinated their strategy concerning creation and maintenance of "FAO National Committee" pages and "Country and FAO" pages. Lithuanian and Belorussian observers will adopt above decisions concerning "FAO National Committee" and "Country and FAO" pages and its common standards.

10. The workshops were accompanied by a lecture delivered by Mr. Michal Demes who discussed the Web based communication and the FAO information strategy. About forty information specialists attended the lecture from scientific and academic libraries as well as from research institutes. The importance of statistical data for the development of agricultural regions was discussed after the lecture.


The project is supported by FAO SEUR.

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